… is the oldest town in Saxony founded 929 by King Heinrich I. (Henry I.) and has got the authority as a town in 1332.

… stands for wine from the north-easterly area of cultivation in Germany

… stands also for the first manufacture in Europe where they produced porcelain. The manufacture was founded in the year 1710 by the elector (German prince) Frederic August I. of Saxony. At the same time he also was King August II. of Poland. He was called „August the strong (powerful)”.

… has got the oldest private brewery of Saxony (1460).

The roots of Saxony's history are in Meißen, therefore the town is also called „The cradle of Saxony”.

Albrecht's castle is the first palace in the German-speaking area of Europe. It was built from 1471 to 1524 in the style of late Gothic. Formerly it was the Royal seat and the first production location of the porcelain manufacture. Nowadays it's a museum.

The dome beside the castle is one of the exactest styles of Gothic buildings in Germany.

The picturesque old town has not been destroyed in the World War II. The historical monuments are lovingly restored and preserved. The town is integrated picturesque into the valley of the river Elbe and surrounded by vineyards. It invites you not only to stay in the town center and the public houses of the wineries. Relaxation, culture and history form an unity. Until today are artistic artworks, cutting lead crystal and the manufacture of pewter-ware in traditional manner are preserved. The oldest still working tin workshop is in Meißen.

Boat trips with <Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt> (Saxon Steamship Line), Europe's greatest fleet of vintage paddle steamers, or rides on the well known <river Elbe bicycle route> are popular destinations of excursions. The Meißen Theater, the Film Palace or the recreational swimming pool „Wellenspiel” complete the offers for every age.

Fixed term highlights are established in Meißen by „The long night of art and culture”, the „Literature Festival”, the „Pottery Market”, the „Wine Festival” and the „Christmas Market”.

Your benefits: Tranquility, culture relaxation in Meißen and its surrounding area. Dresden is only 22 kilometers (14 mi) away from Meißen. From the hotel the railway station can be reached by a 12 minutes walk. The departures of the train to Dresden with it's wide cultural offerings, further on to so called „Saxon Switzerland” and finally to the Czech border are every 30 minutes.